Practical Homeopathy

A Foundation Course in Homeopathic Philosophy and Acute Treatment

This course will enable students to develop an understanding of homeopathic philosophy and the unique ways in which homeopathy differs from other kinds of healing. the aim of this course is to provide the student with a solid foundation that would allow for further in-depth homeopathic education and also provide strong skills for treating acute situations with homeopathic remedies.

What will be covered:

  • History and development of homeopathy over the last 200 years including discussion of current trends and practices
  • The basic foundational principles of classical homeopathy and how to apply them
  • An exploration of the meaning of health and disease
  • An understanding of the difference between acute and chronic disease
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Homeopathic therapeutics for common acute situations, including illness and first aid.
  • Case-taking skills
  • How to differentiate between remedies and how to choose potency
  • In-depth study of acute remedies most commonly used
  • Homeopathy and other treatments – how they can or cannot be used together

This course will be of interest to:

  • Students of homeopathy who wish to deepen their skills in acute homeopathic treatment.
  • Parents and caregivers who have an interest in learning homeopathy to care for their families at home
  • Other practitioners (acupuncturists, massage therapists, nurses, midwives etc) who would like to augment their practice with the use of homeopathy
  • Anyone interested in homeopathic philosophy and practical applications of homeopathic remedies.

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