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Daily Life

The routines of daily life, the things we are required to do day in and day out, are the activities that determine the quality and meaning of our lives. Our daily habits are actually the best gauge of who we … Continue reading

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Light and Dark

This evening, as night falls, I am embracing the darkness.  I am allowing the day to come to a close.  I am not turning on the light. Gradually, the muted colors of winter become less distinct outside my window and … Continue reading

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Birds Falling From the Sky

The other morning, outside of my NYC office, I watched as dozens of starlings landed on a pile of dirty snow and began scavenging busily for food, bits of refuse people had left: cigarette butts, a pizza crust, candy wrappers. … Continue reading

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One day last summer I watched a little stream of filthy water trickle down the gutter. Toxic green in color, it was hideous and rank. But as I continued to gaze at it and watch the patterns and ripples as … Continue reading

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